Job Seekers,

stand out from the crowd.

Are you regularly applying for roles as a job seeker or contractor or perhaps you have been made redundant and seeking new opportunities? Perhaps you are a school leaver applying for your first job?  Let jsonCV assist you with the preparation and storage of your CVs.

Most active Job Seekers dislike the mundane tasks of preparing their CVs for job applications.

jsonCV is also valuable for multi-skilled job seekers that "wear multiple hats" but are now finding they have to apply for specific skilled roles.  It allows these future candidates to tailor different CVs for these specific roles whilst keeping them all organised in a central location.

New approach to resume & CV creation and sharing

jsonCV is more than a simple CV editor.

Use it to keep your details up to date and publish it in a "recruiter friendly" way as well as being able to print it out for your own records using a range of different templates.

Adding and removing components of your CV for different skilled roles is no longer a time consuming task.  You can even share these components between your different tailored CVs.

Recruiters and Employers can then easily access your CV details and save it in the increasingly popular open-standardised JSONResume format - with your permission of course.  This gives them a streamlined and simple process to place your details into their own database.

This gives you more time to spend on brushing up your interview skills or getting prepared for more opportunities whilst making it easier for potential Recruiters and Employers to find you & manage your CV's data.

Job Seekers can create a jsonCV account for FREE!

For Job Seekers

* Create and manage multiple CVs for different skill sets
* Easy sharing of your resumes with others
* Biographies
* Employment History
* References
* Publications
* Export CVs to JSONresume format
* View and print your resume / CV with different templates
* Skills
* Education
* Awards
* Hobbies

Use jsonCV to create multiple CVs and export them to the popular JSONresume format for recruiters and the like. Perfect for Job Seekers!


For Recruiters

* Search for CVs based on demographics and other attributes
* View and print candidate resume / CVs with different templates
* Export CVs to JSONresume format
* Easy sharing of candidate resumes with others