What to Do When You Need a Whole New Wardrobe for Your Job

What to Do When You Need a Whole New Wardrobe for Your Job

What to Do When You Need a Whole New Wardrobe for Your Job by Scott Huntington.  Available from <https://goodmenproject.com/guy-talk/need-whole-new-wardrobe-job-mlyd/> [January 01, 2018]  Photo:  Article Source

Getting a new job can have a lot of pros. One major con, however, can be that your entire wardrobe that used to be fine for the old job now suddenly is no longer appropriate for the new one. It’s time to invest in new, professional pieces of clothing that fit the environment of your new office.

Of course, the need to upgrade your entire closet can be daunting, especially when you’re still on the old job’s salary. To make the process easier, here are eight tips for giving yourself the wardrobe you need for the job you want.

1.      Understand the Dress Code

Every office is different, which means you’ll want to ask about and verify the dress code you’ll have to adhere to now. Traditional business wear is much different than business casual, which is a step above smart casual and, of course, full-on casual.

If you have any chance to visit the office before your first day, take a look around and see how the staff dresses. They’ll already know the dress code and how to dress to stick to it. Take notes as to what they’re wearing and add items you need to your shopping list from there.

2.      Invest in the Items You’ll Wear Longer

A professional dress code will require you to wear some bigger ticket items, like dress shoes and blazers. It may seem smart now to buy the cheapest option — it’ll be easiest on your budget — but you’re better off spending more and making an investment in high-quality pieces you can wear for years.

This is especially true for shoes. With the right upkeep and maintenance, you can wear your dress shoes for decades. You should also buy a dressier jacket to wear into the office and well-made blazers you can wear multiple days each week, if necessary.

3.      Accessorize Right

You may already have some button-down shirts, slacks and dress shoes, but, when you look in the mirror, you know something is missing from your look. The right accessory can add a bit of pizzazz, so don’t ditch your entire business wardrobe just yet. Sometimes, all you need is the right accessory.

The best example of this is a shiny new watch. A high-quality wristwatch can add just the right amount of sparkle to an older suit or shirt, and buying one doesn’t have to break the bank. The same goes for cufflinks, belts, ties and pocket squares — accessories can be the difference between a boring look and a polished, put-together, eye-catching one.

4.      Pay Attention to Fit

One of the biggest indicators that a person doesn’t care about or has otherwise neglected his wardrobe? Poorly fitted clothes. A too-big or too-small ensemble will completely distract from your professional appearance. You’ll look disheveled and unprepared.

So, as you shop for your new wardrobe, be sure that what you buy fits you like a glove. If it doesn’t, don’t be shy about visiting a tailor who will make extra-long or extra-wide items look as though they were handmade for you. And just like that, you’ll look way more professional and put-together than you could ever imagine.

5.      Go Neutral

To get the most out of your work wardrobe — the most amount of use for the longest amount of time — it’s essential to choose neutral colors that’ll always be in style. You don’t have to buy everything in khaki, black, gray and navy, of course. But the majority of your wardrobe should come in mix-and-match neutrals that always go together, as there are so many conveniences and benefits that come with clothes in these hues.

6.      Read Care Labels

Now that you have the right clothes and accessories, you’ll want to care for them properly so that they continue looking fresh and professional. As such, you should study the care labels on your new clothes and make sure that you’re washing everything as directed. If something is meant to be dry cleaned, don’t take that as a suggestion. With professional cleaning, your business wear will stay as crisp and clean as it was the day you bought it.

7.      Dress Your Age

Finally, you’ll want to consider your age as you choose your wardrobe. This factor probably comes into play without you consciously thinking about it — young men aren’t typically drawn to clothes designed for older men, and vice-versa.

Still, it’s good to know what someone of your age should have in his wardrobe, both casual and professional. Regarding the latter, many of the items will overlap, but you might need to add more professional, dressier pieces as you get older and climb the career ladder. You know this — you’re doing it right now.

8.      Look the Part

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Don’t dress for the job you have. Dress for the job you want.” That’s sage advice, but you should take care to balance your career aspirations with the dress code of your current position. Dress so that it makes sense for the job you have, but don’t be afraid to stretch your comfort zone in a way that shows you’re working toward the next level. Finding this balance is tricky, but you’ll get it eventually.

Following the tips provided above will give you an extra boost as you climb the ladder toward your career goals. So, go forth to the mall and conquer. You have the job, and, soon, you’ll have the clothes. All that’s left to do is head into work and embark on the career that you want, in the clothes that show you want it.


What to Do When You Need a Whole New Wardrobe for Your Job by Scott Huntington.  Available from <https://goodmenproject.com/guy-talk/need-whole-new-wardrobe-job-mlyd/> [January 01, 2018]  Photo:  Article Source

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